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Transfers and Mutual Exchanges

Transfers and Mutual Exchanges

There is no longer a Transfer waiting list.  If you wish to transfer to another property you must apply for Housing by completing an online self assessment form provided by Eastbourne Borough Council. 

We will not normally allow tenants to transfer if there are rent arrears, if you have caused damage to your property or if you have breached any other conditions of your Tenancy.

If you are a secure tenant you also have a right to exchange with another tenant (either secure or assured tenants), provided permission is sought by both landlords. It is done by a Deed of Assignment. However, tenants with introductory tenancies do not have this right.

If you are considering a mutual exchange then you should know that Eastbourne Homes will not normally accept responsibility for the general disrepair caused by the outgoing tenant i.e. overgrown garden, poor decoration and dumped rubbish. If you have a query about this, contact us prior to making a final decision about the exchange.

You must also be aware that having signed the Deed of Assignment, it is a legally binding document and not something that you can go back on.

Does it have to be an Exchange with Another Eastbourne Homes Tenant?

No, if you can find an approved Housing Association taking part in the Homechoice scheme then you can exchange with the tenant of that Housing Association. If you have any queries about this contact the Allocations Officer.

How do I find a Mutual Exchange?

You need to find somebody who has a suitable sized property who will swap with you. The website Homeswapper is for social housing tenants who want a mutual exchange. It includes swaps both within and out of Eastbourne.

You need to join the HomeSwapper scheme by going on to their website. You then need to give details of where you live now and where you would like to move. The system will then search for any 'matches' for you and let you know by email or text.

If you do not have access to the internet at home the site can be accessed by the computer provided in the Customer Contact Centre, 1 Grove Road.

You can also advertise in the local paper. The Herald and the Friday Ad Home Exchange both run a council mutual exchange column. You can also place an advert in the shop window, or find somebody by word of mouth. 

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